Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Happy Anniversary

* * * my love. It's 8 years today. In celebration I had planned to trim your rose bush. It's not going to happen. Your bush is hiding under 6 - 7 " of snow. Well, I will do it after the snow is all gone.

I am sorry that I haven't posted in a while. A lot of things happened. I applied for my US citizenship. I could hear you shout "YES, SHE FINALLY DID IT" I had the finger printing done and received the invite for the "interview", which is on March 28. Bev in Logandale had her "interview" on January 11 and was sworn in on February 11. Exactly one month later. Sooo, I think that maybe my birthday present to myself will be the citizenship. We'll see.

Tony is testing me at random by shooting questions at me at any time. I have him stumped by not missing any - LOL I had problems with 2 questions at first. I wrote them on my board and now I am fine. They give you 100 questions to study, ask 10 and you have to know 6 - - it would be so much easier if they tell you which 10 questions they are asking. Don't you think so?

Ronnie Bryant (the gondolier at A taste of Italy) passed away last Monday. Funeral was on Saturday. I didn't realize that it was an open casket affair. I am sorry to say that I didn't last very long. I sat in the car and cried before I could drive off.

Last month Coach Sloan stepped down and Phil followed him. We were totally stunned, specially since he had just signed a one-year extension. Ty Corber is how head coach. I wish him all the luck. A couple of weeks after the coach left, D.Will was traded. Kinda makes you wonder if he wasn't at least partially responsible for the coach leaving, although it is denied. I think, we will never find out what went on.

On February 21 we went to the Energy Solution Center. I got cheap tickets for the Harlem Globe Trotters through KDYL the shopping show. You would have loved it. We were laughing so hard. Tis was the first time that I saw them live. I saw them on TV - but it is not the same. They are a riot.

Steven (in Edmonton) is engaged to a really nice girl. I will be a grandma. Hmmm - another grandchild I don't see. I will knit something for the baby and send it. They want to be surprised as to the gender - so I will make it neutral - LOL

My love, I promise to write a bit more often. But then again, we talk every night.

I love you so very much and I still miss you like crazy even so it is now more than 21 months that you left. Only and already 21 months.

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