Friday, February 5, 2010

8 months

Yesterday was the 8 month celebration of Gary's being pain free and leaving this earth to be with the Lord.

I went to JOY (Just Older Youth) in the morning and to Sizzler in the evening for dinner. Gary and I had several restaurants we loved to go to. The food was exceptional good and I told the manager so. Gary would have loved it. The steak was sooo tender. It was the best one yet.

As for my Etsy store - As of today I have 3 sales from my inventory and 2 custom orders with one custom order waiting in the wings. I am not sure, but I think, I need to get a business license. I will have to talk to my taxman about that. I have to remember to call him.

I am still talking to Gary every evening, telling him about my day. It sure helps me cope. I had his rings re-sized but I can't wear both wedding rings. They are either too wide or my finger is too short. So I am wearing his ring on my necklace together with my cross.