Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Test

Well, my love - yesterday was my citizenship test and I passed with flying colors. The officer was very nice and put me at ease, which helped a lot. You know my warped sense of humor, right? I had him laughing. When I was supposed to read something I told him that I am doing better with pictures, but I will try. LOL. On the "invitation" they listed several documents I MUST bring to the interview. Nothing was asked for. Like the first time we visited Canada, remember? We had all kinds of documents with us and they asked for nothing - but if you don't have anything with you, they want to see everything. Go figure.

I will be sworn in June or July. I requested June 04, but that won't happen, since it is a Friday. They have those ceremonies every month. I think that is kinda cool. It will be done either in their offices in the waiting area or in the place where Jenny was sworn in. I hope it is in the last place, because the offices are very small and the "guests" have to be limited. I know there will be several who would like to witness my swearing in. Carl wants to be there to tell them what an ornery person I am - LOL

I now can breathe again, since that part is over. I am glad and thrilled.

My love, I can see you grinning from ear to ear that I did it. I had a picture of you in my hand the entire "testing" time. It sure helped. I know you were with me in spirit and I love you for it.

Steven and his fiancée found out that there is no baby. They will have some test done to see if everything is OK.

In the meantime I made friends with my sewing machine. I made a wheelchair / walker tote and donated it to Bev's humanitarian booth. After the fair is over, it will be send on to Volunteering Angels in Vegas. Took me a while to get started but now there is no stopping me.

Next week it will be 22 months that you are gone and I still miss you loads. I am catching myself many times thinking "Oh, I gotta show that to you" only to realize that you are not here.

Sweetheart, I love you so much and I miss you just as much.

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bevq said...

I forgot to tell you that Suzanne said she can use lots of those wheelchair totes!!