Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I am a little behind in posting. Funny thing happened: The first SS arrived after about 1 week, but the death benefit didn't. I called and was told - "Sorry, it got stuck at the payment center" - no problem. I was promised that it would go out the following week. It didn't. I received a letter telling me that they are keeping the benefit against the overpayment and are calling it good. I objected, because I figure they had 7 years to collect. If they insist, I will give in - but until then????

Sweetheart, do you remember the group "Mercy Me? NO? - How about the song "I can only imagine" - Thought that might ring a bell. Anyway, they were at the state fair on September 17. The tickets were not outrages so we went. It was very loud and the "last song" they did was "I can only imagine" - and the waterworks started. They got a standing ovation and did about 3 more songs. We enjoyed it. With your sensitive hearing, you wouldn't have I am sorry to say.

This past Monday I went to WinCo to do some shopping. I slipped on a grape and found out that the floor is hard, very hard. It took me about 10 - 15 minutes to be able to get up. They got me an electric wheelchair to be able to move. I never thought, I would use something like that. They took an accident report. When I got off the wheelchair to get into the car, I was feeling quite confident that I could walk without help - NOT. After about 3 - 4 steps, I was down again. Almost caused Tony a heart attack. Once home, he cancelled school for the evening to stay home and be there for me. I objected - but was told "Deal with it" - Yesterday I walked around with your walker. I am happy that I had kept it. After Tony got home I tried his cane, having him close by in case I need ed help. It worked very well. I am not about to try to walk without it though. I am very careful. I am taking it easy and doing some light exercises.

I will sit outside a bit later - it is wonderful out there. Your rosebush is now spouting 11 blooms in various stages. I am hoping to take a picture later.

I love you Sweetheart and I miss you so very much.