Friday, August 6, 2010

It's done

It's done, my love. I filed for SS. They will deposit the death benefit in a few days and I will receive my first regular payment in a few weeks. She was very nice, which helped.

She informed me that there was a overpayment for Michael. That was 7 years ago. Remember they didn't recall the April payment (?). We let it sit in the account for a long time waiting for them to retrieve it. They didn't. She told me that they will contact me in about 3+ month and I can make payment arrangements. What puzzles me is this - it was 7 years ago and all this time YOU received SS - why didn't they contact YOU? But that is not here or there - they want their money back. And they will get it - not a problem. We will celebrate receiving the first payment by going to Q4U - one of our favorite BBQ places.

Tony is taking his promise to you (to help me) very serious. I don't think, I could have made it through the last few years without his help and support. Guess what - he is starting school on Monday. Massage Therapist. We always said that he is good at it. He is looking forward to it. I am happy for him.

Monday this week we went to Wendover, Montego Bay (I had a free room) We got there early, like we always do. We were told to come back at 3 o'clock since the room wasn't done. Well, check-in time is 3PM. Not a problem. We checked back at 3 and the room was still not done. At 330 still not done. I was getting really mad. At 4 o'clock the room was finally done. Once we got to the room, I checked the rules they have posted on the door. Yep, check-in time is 3 PM. After talking to the manager I was informed that since I requested a room close to the elevator, those were the last rooms to be done. I could have had a room in the new section (about 1 mile away) When we checked out, they received a not very nice report. It is unacceptable to make us wait for a whole hour.

On a nicer note - I took all the money back home with me and Tony almost doubled the money he brought - LOL. We have already started saving coins and 1-Dollar bills for the next time.

Your rosebush is growing very nice. The roses are a bit bigger and they are starting to be peach. This confirms my theory that the bush is still settling.

My love, filing for SS was another little piece of closure. It is a long process. I am still talking to you every night, telling you about my day. It's not like you don't know about it anyway. But I miss talking to you. I miss you so much in every aspect. But I also know, that you are now with Jesus and without pain, the wheelchair and oxygen. The knowledge of that makes it easier for me to deal with all this.

I love you sweetheart.