Sunday, April 4, 2010

10 months?!

Happy Easter to all.

Today is the 10-month anniversary of Gary leaving this earth to be with the Lord. We celebrated that fact (a bit early) with a visit to the Hale Theater. We saw "Fiddler on the Roof" - WOW What a performance. If we would have been any closer to the stage they would have to pay us, because we would have been part of the cast. We had seats in the front row. It was totally awesome. Sweetheart, you would have loved it. Remember how we drove past the theater and said that one of these days we will see a show there? Time ran out before we had a chance. I still miss you lots though. I don't think that fact will ever change.

Later this month I will start fertilizing the ground where the rosebush will go. It is still too wet at the moment. The nurseries are not open yet, so I checked some stores like WalMart and HomeDepot for roses. Still no salmon colored. I WILL fine some though.

Both my grand daughters, their significant others and their children were in church today. I got a hug from both of them. I was thrilled. Torrie, the youngest one had a baby girl about 2 months ago. There will be a baby shower for her next weekend in my clubhouse. I am so looking forward to that. There was no contact between them and us for about 20 years because of something that happened 20+ years ago. Their mother kept the hate alive. Maybe the shower next weekend will open the door?? One can only hope.

As for my Etsy store - nothing going right now. Mind you, I haven't listed anything for about 7 weeks. I am still crocheting the leg warmers. With all those color changes and 10 pairs in solid black it's taking a lot more time than I anticipated. Thank goodness there is no deadline. I set a personal deadline though. I crochet one black one alternating with a colored one. This way the black is not hurting my eyes too much. I can't crochet a black one in the evening though. Only in sunlight.