Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Game Night?

Last Friday we had a Game Night scheduled at church. I had the snack ready and was looking forward to it.

My favorite Radio station (KDYL) was giving away Beach Boy concert tickets - it was a sold out concert. You had to call in and be caller # 10 when they played the song: "Salt Lake City" The concert was at the Peppermill Concert Hall Friday Night. Guess what, I won a set of tickets, sooo instead of going to the game night, I went to the concert. WOW - this was the first time I was in that concert hall. There is NO bad seat in the entire house - mind you some are better than others, like the ones right in front of the stage. We had section C row 14 - - for free tickets, not bad. The concert was totally awesome. They didn't take a break at all. The concert was 2 hours long. The Beach Boys came on stage blazing and left 2 hours later the same way. We were singing and dancing most of the concert. My voice was still a little bit rough the next day.

You, my love wouldn't have enjoyed it though - it was a bit (a lot) noisy, but it was FUN. We didn't even go into the casino afterwards. We drove straight home. What a concert. There are only 2 of the original Beach Boys left.

Saturday, June 5, 2010


Tonight was the season finale of the West Valley Symphony - it was the first time that we went since you left. You would have enjoyed it. Show tunes. WOW They got several standing ovations. It is hard to believe that they are not professionals. They are really good and I pictured how much you would have enjoyed it. Love you sweetheart.

Friday, June 4, 2010


I can't believe that you are gone 1 year already and only. I still miss you so much. I found the perfect rose bush. It is a hybrid and it is called "Apricot Candy" I bought it about 2 weeks ago. It started blooming within a few days. Beautiful salmon color. After the blooms opened up a bit, they turned peach. Within a few days the blooms turned pink. So at one time I had 4 different colors on the same bush. The bush is like you - very special.

Today was the day that I planted the bush into the final place. In the corner of the patio. I had lots of potting soil, fertilizer and your ashes. Tony dug a hole and after Pastor Troy got here, we prayed for you and I planted the bush. I cried - but I think, they were good tears. I miss you like crazy but I know that you are now much better off than you were before here on earth.

It was a hard month for me - could you believe, I hardly could bring myself to pick up the crochet hook? My heart just wasn't in it. It seems like the service today gave me some kind of closure and after my 2-hour nap I picked up the hook and made a leg warmer. i am way behind (MY) schedule with them. I hope to be able to mail them latest by the middle of the month. Bless Kathy for being so patient. It would be wonderful to meet her - which is difficult, since she lives in Canada and I am in Utah - Oh well. I haven't heard back yet if she received the sample hat.

I received a letter from Dean accusing me of scheduling the memorial service for the same time he had visiting. I am floored and very hurt that he thinks I would be capable of that. I wrote him a letter and tore it up. All my anger was in that letter. I wrote him a second letter and that is the one that will go out to him. He is not going to like it - too bad. I read the letter (the one he wrote to me) to Janean and she was with him this morning and kicked him a few times. Until further notice I won't go out visiting him anymore. That letter was disrespectful to me and your memory. He has nobody but himself to blame for the consequences.

In all this Tony has been my rock. Thank you so much sweetheart for asking him to stay on after you leave.

I will try to put a picture of the rose bush in here if I can figure out how to do that. Thanks Bev for the help with posting the picture.

Sweetheart, I love you so very much and am waiting for the day when we are together again (Not for a long time though - I am way too busy here)