Tuesday, November 29, 2011

It's been a while

It's been a while since I posted, my love. I hope you will forgive me. Life has just been busy. I did have my eye surgery and It is wonderful - no more glasses. At the last follow up Dr. Tempest told me that he misses you coming along with me. I told him, that makes 2 of us. I have to see him again next year.

We had a nice turkey for Thanksgiving and of course I made Turkey Noodle soup with the leftovers. I froze some of the chopped turkey because I found a recipe for Turkey pot pie, which sounds yummy.

David is back in Gunnison and Dean blames me and right now, he doesn't want me to visit. Janean gave me the message. This is just the last straw. I told Janean to please pass on a message to him: Happy Thanksgiving, Happy birthday, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year - I MIGHT see him in 2012. I just simply have enough

And then there was Black Friday. I went to JoAnn on Friday, Saturday and Sunday - I picked up quite a bit of fleece. It was on for the "normal Black Friday" price of $2.99 yard. I saved about $$500 and spend only $150 - Those are deals I like - LOL

I was talking to a cashier at JoAnn and she is teaching in a low-income Elementary school. I ended up talking to the principal today and guess what, I am making an additional 350 children's hats in 2012 - it's not like I don't have enough on my plate, huh? Something told me to get in touch with them though. The principal was very happy about this.

Tony is doing well in school - last semester he had 5 A's and 2 B's - not bad eh? Specially considering he is the oldest guy in class.

I will try to write more often. I love you and I miss you, my love.

Thursday, June 9, 2011


Wow, 2 postings in one week. Amazing. But I just had to share this.

Yesterday the Kelly Benson House hosted a 1st year Anniversary Celebration and Buffet Dinner. After a delicious dinner, the honoring began. Besides Pamela Atkinson, Kelly Benson was there too. I felt so humbled. Pamela received a certificate for all her humanitarian work and lots of other names were called to receive certificates as well. I believe there were about 100 of them. It was sad to see that many of them weren't there. I received one too and when I went to receive it, there was a loud cheering. WOW, as I said before, it was quite humbling.

Bill Watson, the chairman of the Resident Board told his story. It is totally amazing and wonderful that he is still alive and doing as good as he is. There were not too many dry eyes as we listened to him.

My love, you certainly would have enjoyed the event. Knowing how much you supported me - you would have busted in the seams with pride.

Something I forgot to tell you. I went to see Dr. Tempest on Tuesday and we scheduled my cataract surgery for Monday, July 11. The right eye will be for reading and the left one is for distance. After he fixed my left eye - remember how good it felt that I could see again. I still have 20/20 vision on that one. I am so looking forward to the surgery.

I love you sweetheart. Be well.

Monday, June 6, 2011

2 years

Where has the time gone? You left your dysfunctional body behind 2 years ago. Actually, it was 2 years ago on Saturday. Only and already 2 years.

Your rose bush is positively exploding with flowers. It looks awesome. Weather permitting I am spending lots of time outside. I took some pictures on Saturday and as soon as I have figured out how to post them, I will do just that.

We had a surprise party for Pastor Troy yesterday - he is turning 40 today. Pastor Chris and Lori did a montage like "It's your life" - that was shown first during the service yesterday morning. It was hilarious. If it would have been possible, Troy would have hidden under the chair. You would have loved it. Troy was such a cute kid. I was not going to participate - but then I thought that you loved Troy - so I went in your honor. I am glad that I did.

Tony is still taking his promise to you very serious. I am glad that he is here. It is not good being totally alone. He started school last week, so we always have dinner around 330PM, which is fine. We are going to the WV fitness center 3 times a week. With school out, we might have to adjust our time a little. This morning there were a whole bunch of teenagers taking possession of the locker rooms. The noise level was incredible. Nothing you could have endured with your sensitive ears.

On Wednesday I am invited to Kelly Benson for a buffet dinner in celebration of all the volunteers as well as the one-year anniversary of them being open. I am looking forward to that. You know that I am making Christmas Presents for all the residents. Last year Pamela Atkinson was there to give out the gifts. After 7 years, I finally met my hero. She is such a wonderful, down-to-earth and nice person. Maybe she'll be there on Wednesday?

My love, it is getting easier living without you - but then again, I am not really without you. You are with me in spirit and watching over me. It's just your body that isn't here anymore. You have now a perfect body, don't need oxygen or a wheelchair anymore. And most important, you are now pain free. I love you and I miss you lots and lots and oodles and gobs.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Proud to be American

Today was the swearing in ceremony. Do you remember Jenny's ceremony? Double that one. We were 193 new citizens. Before we said the pledge of allegiance, the judge allowed the family or whoever wanted to take pictures to come down. I am glad that I had a seat - LOL. Tony came down and took a bunch of pictures. The judge said that he hadn't realized that there were so many photographers there. What did he expect? With 193 people being sworn in? DUH

The whole thing was very emotional and I felt you with me. I had butterflies in my stomach for days prior. Debi was there, so was Glen and Janean,as well as Bri, Bonnie, Larry and Bri's boys. We took some pictures outside and as soon as I have all the pictures together, I will post one here.

I now have officially and legally changed my first name to "Chris" The document was with my citizenship certificate. I am so proud, I could bust.

Tony and I went to the Golden Corral for lunch, which means, I am not making dinner. We are still stuffed. Sandra is taking me to the Red Maple for lunch tomorrow. I called her when I came home and she was so thrilled.

Your rosebush - last count were 26 buds. 2 have no green leaves around the flower anymore and 4 more are on the way. I am so glad that I listened to you when you told me several years ago how to trim the rosebush.

My love, this is the final step for me. Now I am truly and irrevocable HOME. Next Saturday is the 2-year anniversary that you left your dysfunctional body and traded it in for a perfect one. I love you sweetheart and I still miss you terrible.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Test

Well, my love - yesterday was my citizenship test and I passed with flying colors. The officer was very nice and put me at ease, which helped a lot. You know my warped sense of humor, right? I had him laughing. When I was supposed to read something I told him that I am doing better with pictures, but I will try. LOL. On the "invitation" they listed several documents I MUST bring to the interview. Nothing was asked for. Like the first time we visited Canada, remember? We had all kinds of documents with us and they asked for nothing - but if you don't have anything with you, they want to see everything. Go figure.

I will be sworn in June or July. I requested June 04, but that won't happen, since it is a Friday. They have those ceremonies every month. I think that is kinda cool. It will be done either in their offices in the waiting area or in the place where Jenny was sworn in. I hope it is in the last place, because the offices are very small and the "guests" have to be limited. I know there will be several who would like to witness my swearing in. Carl wants to be there to tell them what an ornery person I am - LOL

I now can breathe again, since that part is over. I am glad and thrilled.

My love, I can see you grinning from ear to ear that I did it. I had a picture of you in my hand the entire "testing" time. It sure helped. I know you were with me in spirit and I love you for it.

Steven and his fiancée found out that there is no baby. They will have some test done to see if everything is OK.

In the meantime I made friends with my sewing machine. I made a wheelchair / walker tote and donated it to Bev's humanitarian booth. After the fair is over, it will be send on to Volunteering Angels in Vegas. Took me a while to get started but now there is no stopping me.

Next week it will be 22 months that you are gone and I still miss you loads. I am catching myself many times thinking "Oh, I gotta show that to you" only to realize that you are not here.

Sweetheart, I love you so much and I miss you just as much.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Happy Anniversary

* * * my love. It's 8 years today. In celebration I had planned to trim your rose bush. It's not going to happen. Your bush is hiding under 6 - 7 " of snow. Well, I will do it after the snow is all gone.

I am sorry that I haven't posted in a while. A lot of things happened. I applied for my US citizenship. I could hear you shout "YES, SHE FINALLY DID IT" I had the finger printing done and received the invite for the "interview", which is on March 28. Bev in Logandale had her "interview" on January 11 and was sworn in on February 11. Exactly one month later. Sooo, I think that maybe my birthday present to myself will be the citizenship. We'll see.

Tony is testing me at random by shooting questions at me at any time. I have him stumped by not missing any - LOL I had problems with 2 questions at first. I wrote them on my board and now I am fine. They give you 100 questions to study, ask 10 and you have to know 6 - - it would be so much easier if they tell you which 10 questions they are asking. Don't you think so?

Ronnie Bryant (the gondolier at A taste of Italy) passed away last Monday. Funeral was on Saturday. I didn't realize that it was an open casket affair. I am sorry to say that I didn't last very long. I sat in the car and cried before I could drive off.

Last month Coach Sloan stepped down and Phil followed him. We were totally stunned, specially since he had just signed a one-year extension. Ty Corber is how head coach. I wish him all the luck. A couple of weeks after the coach left, D.Will was traded. Kinda makes you wonder if he wasn't at least partially responsible for the coach leaving, although it is denied. I think, we will never find out what went on.

On February 21 we went to the Energy Solution Center. I got cheap tickets for the Harlem Globe Trotters through KDYL the shopping show. You would have loved it. We were laughing so hard. Tis was the first time that I saw them live. I saw them on TV - but it is not the same. They are a riot.

Steven (in Edmonton) is engaged to a really nice girl. I will be a grandma. Hmmm - another grandchild I don't see. I will knit something for the baby and send it. They want to be surprised as to the gender - so I will make it neutral - LOL

My love, I promise to write a bit more often. But then again, we talk every night.

I love you so very much and I still miss you like crazy even so it is now more than 21 months that you left. Only and already 21 months.