Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Game Night?

Last Friday we had a Game Night scheduled at church. I had the snack ready and was looking forward to it.

My favorite Radio station (KDYL) was giving away Beach Boy concert tickets - it was a sold out concert. You had to call in and be caller # 10 when they played the song: "Salt Lake City" The concert was at the Peppermill Concert Hall Friday Night. Guess what, I won a set of tickets, sooo instead of going to the game night, I went to the concert. WOW - this was the first time I was in that concert hall. There is NO bad seat in the entire house - mind you some are better than others, like the ones right in front of the stage. We had section C row 14 - - for free tickets, not bad. The concert was totally awesome. They didn't take a break at all. The concert was 2 hours long. The Beach Boys came on stage blazing and left 2 hours later the same way. We were singing and dancing most of the concert. My voice was still a little bit rough the next day.

You, my love wouldn't have enjoyed it though - it was a bit (a lot) noisy, but it was FUN. We didn't even go into the casino afterwards. We drove straight home. What a concert. There are only 2 of the original Beach Boys left.

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SandieP said...

Love the Beach Boys! Lucky you. Glad you enjoyed yourself.