Friday, July 9, 2010


On July 04 we had a BBQ and I invited Donna and Jackie - it was very nice.

On Monday, after coming out of the Dollar Tree, my car sounded really funny and the "service engine soon" light came on. It felt like I was driving over cobblestone, except there was no cobblestone. I didn't like the way it sounded so I decided to bring it right away to the Back Shop. I had totally forgotten that since Sunday was a holiday, a lot of businesses were closed on Monday. Greg was one of them. GGGRRR. I put my emergency lights on and drove very slowly home. Next morning I called Greg and told him that the car was being funny. He offered to come and pick it up - good, because I wasn't going to drive it anywhere. He called me later that evening and told me what's wrong with it. He could have been speaking greek for all I understood. He told me it would be about $1,000 - THAT I understood. Oh well, it needed to be done. He brought the car back on Thursday with the invoice and told me to pay whenever I am back in that neighborhood. My car looks like it is brand new. He cleaned it inside and out - WOW.

On Monday evening Janean was coming over and since I wan't driving anywhere, I asked her if she could please stop by Market Fresh (used to be Albertson) to pick up some chicken for me. It is tradition that we have chicken on Monday - LOL. She did and delivered the chicken. What a friend.

I received another letter from Dean. He feels like I ripped into him totally unjust. I don't think so. As of right now, I haven't answered his letter, talked to him on the phone nor have I been out to see him. I am still very upset with him and in my opinion, rightfully so. Sweetheart, I could really use your interference here. You were the calming influence in my life and you would have set him straight as you did before.

I miss you so much. It is getting easier though. Your rosebush is growing nicely and there are a few buds on. It is hotter than all get-out though. This is a weather where we both would stay in. I even gave in and turned on the AC and you know how much I hate the AC, but right now it is still in the high 80s. Today we had about 95. I sat outside until it hit 80 and then I fled inside - LOL

Guess what, I finished the order for Kathy and it is sitting here waiting to be shipped. I notified her and am just waiting for the money to get here. She liked the sample hat I sent and needs to decide on the colors. In the meantime I am crocheting and knitting for charity.

Be well my love. I love you very much.

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sandy said...

$1,000 ouch, glad though you have someone you can trust and depend on to help you with such matters as keeping your car safe.