Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Proud to be American

Today was the swearing in ceremony. Do you remember Jenny's ceremony? Double that one. We were 193 new citizens. Before we said the pledge of allegiance, the judge allowed the family or whoever wanted to take pictures to come down. I am glad that I had a seat - LOL. Tony came down and took a bunch of pictures. The judge said that he hadn't realized that there were so many photographers there. What did he expect? With 193 people being sworn in? DUH

The whole thing was very emotional and I felt you with me. I had butterflies in my stomach for days prior. Debi was there, so was Glen and Janean,as well as Bri, Bonnie, Larry and Bri's boys. We took some pictures outside and as soon as I have all the pictures together, I will post one here.

I now have officially and legally changed my first name to "Chris" The document was with my citizenship certificate. I am so proud, I could bust.

Tony and I went to the Golden Corral for lunch, which means, I am not making dinner. We are still stuffed. Sandra is taking me to the Red Maple for lunch tomorrow. I called her when I came home and she was so thrilled.

Your rosebush - last count were 26 buds. 2 have no green leaves around the flower anymore and 4 more are on the way. I am so glad that I listened to you when you told me several years ago how to trim the rosebush.

My love, this is the final step for me. Now I am truly and irrevocable HOME. Next Saturday is the 2-year anniversary that you left your dysfunctional body and traded it in for a perfect one. I love you sweetheart and I still miss you terrible.


Sandie said...

Woohoo! That is so exciting. I am happy for you. I have always called you Chris. What was your name before? :-)

HilsGal said...

Thank you Sandie - my birth name was Christel. I dropped the "tel" when I entered Canada but not officially. When I crossed the border to come home, I thought it was done officially - NOW it is.