Thursday, September 10, 2009

Another month

I survived another month without Gary.

Every 4th of the month I am doing something special, something we liked to do together. In August I went to Wendover and in September I went to the International Peace Garden for a picnic. We had planned at the beginning of the year to go to the International Peace Garden, but Gary never made it. October I will go there again, since it was too hot to walk around - will do that in October.

I still have his birthday next Wednesday to deal with. He would have been 72.

I am still talking to Gary every night, telling him about my day and what's going on and stuff. This helps me to cope.

Will it get any easier with time?

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Sandie said...

I think of you often, Chris. Keeping busy as you do is the best thing. You're such a generous person - with your time and your skills. Bless you.