Monday, June 4, 2012

3 years

Today is the 3-year anniversary of your trading your dysfunctional body for a perfect one. I had a hard time today. I was crying a lot. Tony wasn't home, so he didn't come running, which was a good thing. He is worried about me. He takes his promise to you to look after me very serious. I keep telling him that he is supposed to keep me in line and is failing miserable.

At his graduation celebration on Friday we both felt you presence very strong. I know that you are proud of him, as am I. Both, Pastor Troy and Pastor Chris were there, as well as Janean and Glen, Jackie and Steve, another friend from church and even Levern showed up. It was very emotional.

We went to Winco today and did some shopping. I had some coupons and they had some good specials on. For dinner we had chicken and I had some coleslaw left from the BBQ at Kelly Benson's. - All of a sudden - it hit me. While you were with me, our traditional Monday dinner was chicken and coleslaw. I didn't pick that dinner today with that in mind - it just happened.

Your rosebush has about 5 - 6 new buds on. None of them have any color showing yet. It is very hot here, we had 95 today and no rain. I will give the bush another good soaking tonight. Before you know it there will be lots of flowers on again.

I love you so much my love and it is hard to imagine that you are gone for only and already 3 years. It helps that I talk to you every evening - but I still miss you. I will talk to you soon sweetheart.

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