Saturday, March 10, 2012

Happy 9th Anniversary Sweetheart

Hello my love - I can't believe it is March already. WOW Where has the time gone? On Thursday would have been our 9-year wedding anniversary. Tony and I went to Wendover on the fun-bus. This time we won experience - but it was still fun. At the same time we celebrated Tony finishing another semester. On Monday he will start his last semester and graduation day is June 01 - I know you are really proud of him and so am I. He will be starting work in the new City Creek Mall (where Cross Town used to be) in a game store. The same owner who he worked for around Christmas time. They are working with him on his school commitments.

Crafting wise, I am right on target - never a dull moment. For Kelly Benson House residents for Christmas, I am making place mats - 2 for each resident. That makes it 140 mats - I gotta get to use up my fabric scraps - Woohoo.

I found out this last week that Q4U is closed. It is a shame. Mind you, the last couple of times I was there, the food wasn't all that great. I had the lunch special and the meat was dry. I read the reviews lately - and they were pretty bad. I know that "T" was sick and probably couldn't tend to business as he used to. In my opinion, they shouldn't have moved from their old location.

I will apply soon for a passport card. That card is almost the same than a regular passport book, except I can't go overseas with it. Don't want to anyway. It is half the price of the book. I need one for going to Canada, which I am planning on in September for Steven's wedding. I am working on the wedding present. It is a cookbook with tried recipes. All recipes in that book I have either made or tasted. I will be making 2 books and give one to Jason, since I didn't go to his wedding.

Soon it will be warm enough that I can sit outside. Next thing, probably in about 1 - 2 months, I will trim the rose bush. Even so we had a fairly mild winter, I am waiting for spring and summer.

I love you sweetheart and I still miss you loads.

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