Friday, December 4, 2009


6 months today. Only and already. Time is still speeding and crawling. If someone would ask me, how I survived the last 6 months - I couldn't tell. I am on auto pilot. At times I am asking myself, what am I doing here? I want to be with Gary. It feels though like Gary tells me - not yet. You still have loads and loads to do, and he is right. If I look at my yarn and fabric, I will have to stick around until I am about 110+ years old. But I know he is with me in spirit. I will celebrate Gary's 6-month being pain free by going to the Liberty Quartet concert next Friday at the Nazarene Church. Gary loved the guys and their music. Southern gospel. Beautiful. And they are funny to boot.

I have almost completed my commitments to the Dream Center and to the Outreach Program. I will then take a break of about 2 weeks from charity crafting and make stuff for my Etsy store. I have a name already picked out and have 3 funky key-hole scarves ready. Not enough to open the store though. I am also "considering" renting a booth together with Nancy at the Octoberfest in Snowbird next August/September. We both are not sure though. The rent is $250 each and one has to sell a lot of things to make just the rent. Nancy has about 100 loomed hats ready. We will find out when the last possible day is to rent the booth and see how Nancy's health is doing. As I found out, a lot can change in a very short time.

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Sandie said...

$250 each. That is a lot of money. I have never gotten a booth so maybe that is normal? I don't know. Good luck if you decide to do it. Good luck with your Etsy shop as well. Be sure to put the link here so we can find you. :-)